Help Prevent Suicide

By making a stand and speaking out in favor of mental health, we can help to make it more available and less stigmatized for everyone.

Encourage people in your life to view mental health assistance as being just as necessary as physical health treatment, and share these views with your representatives.

Group Seflie
National Action Alliance
ZeroSuicide Institute

Click the map to visit your legislator's website.

Here are some tips and talking points to get you started with your message to legislators:

  • Be succinct about about why you are writing (i.e. "I care deeply about the issue of suicide prevention because...")

  • Explain how suicide is a national public health crisis, with over 48,000 Americans dying by suicide in 2018.  It is the 10th leading cause of death in America and rates continue to rise, even though the vast majority of suicides are preventable.

  • Discuss how suicide prevention needs to be a national priority at all levels of government, and we all have a role to play.  I will be contacting you in the future as opportunities arise for you to show your constituents, like me, that you are taking this issue seriously and doing all you can to save lives and bring hope to those affected by suicide.